Amazon Fire TV: The Best User Guide to Master Amazon Fire TV in 1 Hour (expert, Amazon Prime, tips and tricks, web services, home tv, digital media,amazon … (user guides, internet) (English Edition)


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    Amazon Fire TV

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    The Best User Guide to Master Amazon Fire TV in 1 Hour (Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Prime, tips and tricks, web services, home tv, digital media)

    Amazon Fire TV is giving Apple and Roku a run for their money! With the newest version 4k UHD (Ultra High Definition) compatible and over 1000 apps and games now available on the Fire TV platform, Amazon is quickly becoming a tech-savvy company that also sells anything you could ever need. The Amazon version of several well-known apps, like Netflix and Plex, are gaining preference in families across the country. Alexa integration and voice search functionality make Amazon Fire TV a logical choice for those with a busy lifestyle.
    Fire TV tends to favor the Amazon content items, of course, but with sideloading one can manage to install almost any app that is already running on a phone or tablet. The improved graphics processor and faster CPU compliment the 4k UHD environment, which makes the new Amazon Fire TV a definite contender in the media streaming market.
    The look of Fire TV has not changed too much, with addition and deletion of some ports, the unit still maintains its sleek, low profile design and ability to blend with units already existing in the living room or den entertainment center. With a starting price of $100 for the ‘TV top’ unit and an additional $40 to upgrade to the gaming package (which is heavily advertised as an improved feature of Fire TV), Amazon’s streaming option is affordable and accessible technology for almost anyone. Included in the basic package are the Fire TV box, Alexa enabled remote and power supply. The enhanced, gaming edition adds a game style controller bundled with the console, a 32 GB microSD card, and two games.

    Here is a preview of what you’ll learn:

    • What is Amazon Fire TV
    • What You Can Watch
    • Set Up & Navigation of Fire TV
    • Alexa & Fire TV
    • Watching & Listening with Fire TV
    • Games, Apps & Sideloading
    • Troubleshooting and Updates

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