Fire Stick: A User Guide and Manual of Tips and Tricks to unearth the true potential of Your Fire Stick (A Book Series of Streaming Devices such as Fire … Tap, Amazon Prime 1) (English Edition)


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    Do you want to buy the Amazon Fire Stick or have already purchased it? This book will make sure you make the maximum use of your Fire Stick and become an expert.

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    The Amazon Fire Stick, sometimes called the Amazon Fire TV Stick, is a small remote control-like device that provides streaming video and audio when hooked up to your HDTV. This guide will provide you with the ultimate user experience for the little device with big aspirations. Previous versions of the Amazon Fire TV Stick did not include the ability to sync with the Alexa voice remote, but now the compact, affordable device syncs with your other Amazon products and devices. In addition to syncing with the Alexa gadget, the Amazon Fire TV Stick has its own Alexa voice remote. You can press a button and guide the Amazon Fire TV Stick with your voice commands at any time. This new and improved feature of the Amazon Fire TV Stick is what makes the new models absolutely worth the upgrade.

    One of the greatest benefits to the Amazon Fire TV Stick is the imposition of “pick up where you left off” viewing and listening. Should you be watching a movie or show and abruptly have to pause it to take care of something in your real life (IRL), Amazon will pick up right where you left off. This is true hours, days, weeks, and months out. If you can’t return to your favorite shows in a timely manner, Amazon will pause them for you for when you’re ready to come back. It’s pressure-free leisure at its best, and – as we are learning – at its smartest and most automated.

    Now that you’ve learned about the fire stick and received an overview of its most universally applicable benefits, let’s do an even deeper dive into the specifics of the Amazon Fire TV Stick. We know you won’t be disappointed with what you learn. In fact, we would be willing to take a bet you will finish this guide with more knowledge than you began it with, as well as more convinced of the merits and superior usability of the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

    Here’s what You’ll Learn

    • What is the Amazon Fire Stick?
    • Comparison of Fire Stick with its Competitors
    • Setting up the Amazon Fire Stick
    • Streaming Music And Videos
    • Watching TV Shows
    • Syncing Fire Stick with Alexa and Other Devices
    • Common Troubleshooting Problems
    • Top 10 Apps used for the Amazon Fire Stick

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